Apus dry arrising machine: technology and sustainability

Sfilettatrice a secco Apus

Innovation for a responsible water management? The machine that makes a difference

In the world we live in, attention to the environment and sustainable energy is becoming increasingly important.

In this context, technological innovation plays a key role in finding solutions that allow us to reduce environmental impact without sacrificing efficiency and quality.

With this in mind, Itech presented a revolutionary machine that works dry, without any use of water: our Apus Arrising Machine.


In traditional arrising machines, the use of water for processing can be very high.

Apus represents an innovative solution as it is built using cutting edge methodologies and technologies, that save energy from this valuable resource, while still allowing the same excellent edge arrising as traditional machines.

To avoid harmful dust dispersed into the air as a result of processing, we have also equipped our machine with powerful vacuum system and a mobile dust storage bin.

Saving then is not only of energy : in fact, Apus works with 2 arrising heads that move simultaneously, greatly reducing processing time.

This is why we consider our filleting machine to be a win-win situation: it works efficiently and provides greater safety for the operator in moving the processed glass, but always with an eye on reducing environmental impact.

Choosing this machine therefore means embracing a sustainable future, where efficiency and environmental friendliness go hand in hand.


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