The Itech Family, Passion Glass


Itech is founded on the principles of Passion, Quality and Technology.


We firmly believe that the “Human Component” is the unique and defining element of every company.

In a highly competitive labor market, the human component continues to be of paramount importance to us.

Itech consists mainly of people who invest their know-how every day in order to find suitable solutions for the glass industry.

We cultivate the relational element of our staff for the purpose of enhancing the daily professional experience with our clients and staff.

At the core of our work is the ultimate satisfaction of our clients, and we pursue this goal through:

  • Transparency
  • Communication
  • Maximum availability
  • Reliability


We firmly believe in Made in Italy: all our products are proudly made in Italy, starting with the high quality of the raw materials we use.

Rising commodity costs due to the Pandemic are continuing to severely affect the recovery of the post-Covid economy, but despite this Itech firmly chooses to continue purchasing ITALY.

We select all our suppliers in order to ensure a worthwhile and durable end product.


Our focuses are:

  • Continued desire to innovate our entire product range
  • accountability to results
  • commitment to the implementation of change
  • mental and operational flexibility
  • Motivation to learn new knowledge and develop new skills
  • Searching for innovative solutions at the forefront with the times
  • Willingness to abandon obsolete knowledge and operating patterns


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